Polecat secures £3 million in funding: UK success story to grow presence in USA

1st March 2016

Polecat, a leading risk intelligence technology company based in London, Bristol, and California has secured a £3 million funding round. The investment will help accelerate the successful UK firm’s international expansion, in particular growing its presence on the US East Coast.

The funding comes from Grassy Creek Ventures, a US private investment firm focused on supporting high-potential businesses in technology, property and asset management, as well as existing investor Enterprise Equity VC, an Irish venture capital firm.

Polecat develops technology to help organisations identify and respond to risk. It does this by finding, analysing and visualising the huge amounts of unstructured data created online and within organisations every single day.
US growth potential

The company plans to grow its East Coast US team to support an expanding customer base in that region. The investment will also enhance its ability to identify the risks that matter for organisations and visualise them for business leaders.

James Lawn, co-founder and chief executive at Polecat, comments: “We are at a watershed moment in our ability to make sense of the untold masses of online and internal unstructured information. Now businesses can extract truly useful insights from these conversations and data and use them to make better decisions.”

“With so much technology flowing out of North America, we’re proud to be a UK tech exporter, attracting US investment to bring British technology back across the Atlantic. The investment from Grassy Creek Ventures will enable us to innovate more quickly and to direct more of the technology sector’s sharpest minds to the task of finding hidden meaning in the world of big data.”
UK data science leadership

The company will also continue its commitment to furthering the UK’s data science leadership through its involvement in the Alan Turing Institute and other initiatives.

Lawn concludes, “The UK has amazing heritage and breadth of skills in high-end data science. Working with initiatives such as the Alan Turing Institute we are focused on making the country a global leader in this field and ensuring we capitalise on the opportunities this presents in the UK and the US.