The most captivating Salon Team photos from around the world

15th March 2016

If you have been following the Phorest Blog for a while, you’ll see that we’ve had a laser focus on customer service recently! That is in part to do with this January’s Salon Owners Summit. Our theme for 2016’s Summit centered around creating a magical client experience. And one of the main attributes to achieving a superb atmosphere comes down to your salon team!

That got us thinking… If your salon team is the crucial ingredient to a successful customer service strategy, then we should probably let your clients know how amazing your Superstar crew is!

One of the best ways to show off your Superstar salon team is to create some fun, unique and incredible Meet The Team photographs.

So we decided to create a collection of some of the most enchanting, unique and downright amazing ‘Meet The Team’ photography that we could find. We also went out of the industry as well to present some incredibly innovative ways to show off your salon team:

Now just imagine if your website, Facebook page or app presented your salon team in this way. Clients would no longer just see employees in a salon or a spa. They would see a collection of enthusiastic professionals, who are dedicated and passionate about making people look great and feel fantastic!

This could be also be a great team-building exercise as well. So how about this week, we start organising your brand new Meet The Team photos and show your clients just how fabulous your crew really is. 🙂

Do you have a Meet The Team photo that you just love? Well, we’d love to see it too! Drop us your photo on either Phorest’s Facebook page or Twitter page and we will share it with the rest of the #PhorestFamily!