Salon Rebranding : doing it for the right reasons

6th June 2016

The most common mistake in salon rebranding is to think it’s going to solve every problem that has arisen prior to the makeover when in fact, it’s much more than just a name change. Rebranding is a huge calculated risk to take and can very quickly feel like a slippery slope.

We can’t stress enough how much serious thought must be put into rebranding your salon if you don’t want to be tagged as a salon in full blown identity crisis. The best way to succeed in this, is to think about your goals and strategies, and establish a plan to achieve them! If you’re only into changing your salon’s outdoor sign, this post might be of great interest!

Rebranding for the right reasons: the “why”?

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a client’s marketing salon rebranding plan. In this particular client’s situation, it made more than sense to give his business a makeover. He didn’t do it to change the personnel or the style: he did it because he was opening a second business location close-by, and wanted to link both salons creating a micro-branch.

If you’re about to rebrand your salon, ensure you’re doing it for the right reasons. When done for the wrong reasons, rebranding is an expensive nightmare and simply puts a bandaid on the core of your problem. Like they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Legitimate reasons to embark on a salon rebranding journey

1. Give your salon a special compelling story. Was your salon passed on from generation to generation? Is there something special about your salon (e.g. A NYC Salon that has a speakeasy bar at the back of the business).
2. Revitalisation to broaden your appeal. Make your brand relevant, make sure you find that little something different about you that’s different from the others.
3. Revitalisation to broaden your market. Markets change and sometimes, you’ve no choice but to surf the wave. Regardless, this is a great opportunity widen your salon’s clientele.
4. You’re about to change the name, but also other business principles. If you’re just going to put a bandaid on the problem, that will only last a few weeks, maybe months. Make the changes where they are needed.

Delivering the good news!

Okay, so you have a valid reason for rebranding! How should you best go about it? Well, we do have to let people know, right? Announce the news on your social media platforms, send a email to your client list and host an official launch party!

Simply make sure you explain the reasons why your salon is rebranding: changing direction, opening up a new branch… whatever it is, you need to clearly inform your current clientele of what’s going on and ensure there’s only one mainstream message going around. And also ensure that you keep it positive. Clients generally don’t like change. You have to establish the fact that everything they love about your business will stay the same or get better, without insulting your previous brand (You don’t want loyal clients to think they were wasting their time with you, right?)

Salon Rebranding: Your Marketing Plan 10-point Checklist

1. Why is your salon rebranding?
2. What problem are you attempting to solve?
3. Has there been something that changed in the industry that hurt your regular clientele visits and figures?
4. Have your regular customer type changed?
5. What image do you wish to show? To whom?
6. Have your clients needs changed and you need to follow?
7. Is your salon name and brand associated with something that is no longer meaningful (or perhaps might be confused with something negative)?
8. Are you about to follow a trend or go somewhere completely new?
9. Will this rebranding work in 5 to 10 years from now (based on what you can anticipate)?
10.If you were launching your first salon today, would this be the branding you would come up with?