The investment by EEVC has allowed Alpha to grow its reputation in the marketplace. EEVC were very quick to understand our business and provide valuable strategic advice on all aspects of our business.

    Fergal Lawlor, CEO


    We were delighted with the support received from the EEVC ‘AIB Seed Capital Fund’. The early stage investment helped us to grow Cambus Medical from a concept to a tangible reality, culminating in a very successful exit for the AIB Seed Capital Fund.

    Barry Comerford, CEO


    The EEVC team are an excellent group of professional people to work with. They take a real and proactive interest in the company and the markets the company worked in. As a result the interactions with EEVC were extremely productive. The Duolog voyage, with all its ups and downs, would not have produced such a successful conclusion without the influence and guidance from EEVC.

    Ray Bulger, CEO

  • EMBO

    We were delighted to receive investment from EEVC, the investment is coming at a time when we are in growth mode, expanding the team and preparing for commercialisation. EEVC bring knowledge and experience to the table and and were very reasonable to deal with.

    Wayne Allen, CEO


    European VC Enterprise Equity were one of the early investors in GAME GOLF. From very early days EEVC have always believed in the product and in the team. Being able to pick up the phone and ask for advice, feedback etc. has always been easy and welcoming. I can safely say that EEVC work hard for their portfolio companies and have a depth of experience that really counts when the chips are down. Very happy to have Enterprise Equity as one of our investors.

    John McGuire, CEO


    I have worked with Enterprise Equity VC for over 8 years, through three separate startups and have always found them to be an excellent value added investor. They make excellent contributions to board discussions and strategy formulation and have proven to be very supportive in the many difficult decisions that are part of growing a startup. I would strongly recommend them to any company seeking an investment partner to work with.

    Charles Garvey, CEO


    Back in 2009 EEVC invested in Mingao when Funds were hard to come by. We owe our existance to EEVC. We went through a second round of investment in 2011 and EEVC anchored us through that round. Over the past 5 years they provided us with guidance without undue interference. During the acquisition process their timely interventions in the negotiations got the deal closed.

    Con Cremin, CEO


    EEVC was one of the initial Movidius investors in 2008 in our Series A round, and they have continued to support Movidius through all our subsequent funding rounds. We have always found EEVC to be very professional to deal with and supportive of management to make sure the right outcomes for the company are achieved.

    Remi El-Ouazzane, CEO


    I’ve known EEVC for more than 10 years. When we were going to do our first round, they were the first people we went to and they’ve been very supportive of our growth ever since. I would recommend EEVC to other entrepreneurs looking to grow a strong international software company.

    Ronan Perceval, CEO


    The EEVC team could not have been more supportive to Polecat, helping us drive our opportunities and quantify our risks. A true partnership, and much more than just an investor, EEVC has helped Polecat evolve into an innovative and growing technology business in a competitive marketplace. With an active NED role, EEVC provides clear strategic insight and trusted advice when it comes to navigating challenging corporate and commercial decisions.

    James Lawn, CEO


    Venture capital comes in many forms and it is more than just money. Sound corporate governance and strategic advice at the right time is critical. EEVC has provided SensL with all these resources and has been instrumental in our growth since investing in our business. EEVC has been a great partner.

    Bryan Campbell, CEO


    Raising money for consumer facing businesses is a tough proposition, and for games companies even more so. As StoryToys first investor Enterprise Equity didn’t shy away from the challenge, and have continued to work with us through subsequent rounds. More than just money, Enterprise Equity has brought a wealth of experience, connections, and strategy to the board, and helped the company navigate difficult decisions as the company has grown from two to twenty people.

    Barry O’Neill, CEO


    We approached EEVC as an early stage investor because we felt they could offer a wealth of senior management experience in conjunction with their funding. Our experience to-date has supported that initial view and we have built a strong relationship with our EEVC board representative. We would recommend EEVC to companies that are looking for a VC that offers sensible and practical support in growing their business to the next level.

    Michael O’Dwyer, CEO